How to Hire a Website Design Company?

Are you planning to expand your online presence? Are you pondering on why and how to hire a website design company? Well, this is an expensive investment that requires lots of focus. Before you decide on a website company, you should be clear with what you are getting into. There are so many exhaustive questions you should ask yourself.

#1 Development Methods

First of all, you should be aware of the company and its development methods. You should know if the company handles development work in-house or not. It would be wise to know more about the company’s team and size. Many website design companies don’t have in-house development strategies. Such companies have no clue about technologies that drive websites. Investing on such firms will be a disaster. Always decide on companies who are focused and together. They should have handled similar situations and offered reliable web solutions.

#2 Experience

As mentioned previously, the website design company should have deployed similar technologies. They must have a strong hand in designing sites that look and feel like yours. Such companies will be able to create websites quickly and intuitively.

#3 Responsive Sites

The talk about website designs will remain incomplete without responsiveness! More than 80% of users’ access websites through mobile devices and table computers. This is why you should design responsive websites. In very simple terms, your website should respond to the the dimensions of the user’s screen.

#4 CMS

Another important web design strategy would be content management. CMS is a technology every website needs. Before you hire a website design company, you should be aware of their licensing systems. There are several different types of content management methods. Some systems are free and others have development costs. Proprietary software packages owned by the web development company can be customized by the creators. Thus, you will have a better chance of bagging a website that satisfies all your requirements. If you are looking to build a website from scratch and have no design or programming skills then you got to check out eHosts site builder. eHost’s slogan is “Everything you will ever need to host and Manage Your Website”. You may also check another hosting provider that may suit your own needs.

You can find some great examples of well-working established websites using WP CMS:

Supplement review website: visit here

Female and male Enhancement website: visit here

Free and stock image library: visit here

#4 Maintenance

A lot of people wonder if websites have warranties. Well, the answer is “Yes”. Maintenance is an integral part of website development. Every web page needs periodic support and maintenance. That is because the virtual world is evolving on a daily basis. There are constant web browser updates and new functionalities. If your website is beautiful today, it may be broken in the next few days. You should be prepared to handle these changes. That is where website warranty comes into the picture.…

Using Images in Your Website!

Website designers do a lot of things to improve customer traffic, boost organic ranks and generate more leads. They use keywords, original content and tags to boost search engine optimization. Indeed, site rankings is a much overlooked subject. There is so much insight on how and why SEO can help you! If you want your website to share a perfect message, you should stick to SEO! The good thing about SEO is that you can achieve it. You can control the look and feel of your website strategically.

How can images help you?

You can control your web pages with high quality images and videos. This is an effective and simple way to improve user experience. Meanwhile, the use of images can enhance your site’s SEO. In this short write up, you will read about how adding images can improve the productivity of your website. The use of images can be assessed with higher organic search and improved leads.

In this modern era, many people use search engines to hunt for images. It is important to use images to reach such users. The bond between organic ranks and images is inevitable. With the right kind of images, you can improve online visibility.

How to choose the right image?

Now that you have understood the benefits of images, you are bound to be determined to add pictures right? Here are few factors you should remember while adding images:

  • The image must be directly related to your website. This sounds simple and straightforward right? You must use visual content to add more value to your website. The images must offer a sense of continuity. For example, if you are selling pets, you should have pictures of dogs and cats.
  • You should include “alt” text descriptions with every image. The title tags are very useful. The tags are designed to help the visually impaired. Even search engines can crawl into alt text descriptions. These descriptions are very useful in boosting your site rankings. However, you must not tag the entire page with keywords or alt descriptions.
  • Including images in your web pages is much better than not having anything. High quality images will definitely add more value to your site.

As mentioned previously, website designs depend on what you include. With images you can improve your leads easily. Websites with images receive 90% more views. Websites with images are much more famous than those with text.…

Tips: Designing a Real Estate Web Site

In order to design a real estate web site, you should first know what your web site will be focusing on. Are you going to be represent a real estate brokerage firm? Are you going to be glossary of information? Will you be assisting the flippers? Are you representing property in your area?

Once you have answered these questions you will know the format that you will be using to design your real estate and money web site. We all know that the largest aspect of the real estate market is location, location, location. Because of this, you should incorporate as many pictures as you can into your site. Pictures say more than any person in the universe could say. You should also focus on a specific locale or area that will capitalize off of your individual expertise because that will make you appear to be an authority on the subject.

When you are designing a website that is centered around some aspect of real estate, the most important thing to remember is that you are trying to appear to a specific market. You website should look as professional as possible, but still be personable enough to keep a visitor’s attention. People want authoritative advice; not necessarily flashy web tricks and music. If you try to offer the best that you have to give, you will generate far more visitors.

What to include when you design a real estate web site

You should include a copy of your credentials and certificates on your website or offer access to them because it shows that you are licensed:

A picture of yourself is imperative to help you appear more trustworthy.

Offer tips and tricks for buying or selling real estate to show that you are on your desired visitor’s side.

Prepare a special area that shows your most recent accomplishments and web sources to verify it.…

Blunders to Be Avoided in Web Design

Common mistakes in a web design

As a professional or beginner in web designing, one would have learnt all the tricks to create captivating and creative web sites. However, there are certain common mistakes often made even by good web designers. Studying these mistakes can avert users from linking out from a particular web page. The blunders if not corrected, will be a big blow to the designer’s reputation and business.

Complete web page

The professionals need to publish or host their web site after it is well designed and completed. “Under construction” sign on the web page will be a major turn off for the browser and must be avoided. Care should be taken to ensure that all the pages in a web portal are complete in totality. Lack of copyright statements in a web design is a sign of amateurism. The content of the web page should be protected with copyright statements. Remember to update your web contents periodically, because the web pages should dynamic in nature, ever-changing and growing:

Visitor counter in web design

Visitor counters prove to be disadvantageous in effective web designing. If the number displayed in the counter is too high, the credibility is often doubted. If the number is too low then the browser has a notion that it is not a popular site and may link out to other sites. The statistics regarding the number of users who clicked the particular site can be obtained from the web hosting company, if need be.…

So You Want to Generate More Web Site Traffic? Some Great Tips

It’s time to start generating web site traffic

So your site lagging with too few visitors; it is time for you to find out about generating web traffic. Let’s get started.

What kind of site do you have? Generating the right web site traffic for you

If you have a business site, you’ll need to generate a different audience than if you had a personal site. For a business site you will want to generate customer web traffic, and possibly some investors. It will be worth more to you to spend extra money on traffic generators. Of course for a personal site all you will really need to do to achieve more traffic is link your site to related ones. If you want to generator business web traffic you need to be willing to put it a bit of extra work.

So you need traffic for your business

There are some easy free ways to generate business traffic: For starters spread the word. The easiest way of doing this is by getting your site on Google and Yahoo and every other search engine. You’ll want to get your site in very good standings with the search browsers as this will put your site as high on the search list as possible, do this by having a good site. The easier your site is to see on a list, the more viewers you will get. Best of all adding your site to search lists is free.

And this is as it has always been the best way of getting traffic. Like with a personal site it is wise to link to related sites, and add yourself to groups of related topics, if one person sees your site and likes what they see, they will likely tell their colleagues and friends and word of mouth will do the rest.…

Creative Ways to Improve Web Traffic

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? This is a common concern most website developers have. Poor website designs will result in low ROI and lack of virtual business. This is why you should design edgy and one-of-a-kind websites. Professionally designed websites can do wonders. The site should present your brand’s finest features and advantageous nature. The virtual world is an economy that wants attention. However, attention is scarce and finite. If you want more users to pay attention to your website, you should earn it wisely. Your creative work will not speak alone. That is why you need “creative” marketers too!

Here are smart ways of attracting users to your website.

#1 Blog

Your business website should have an amazing blog. Yup, you read it right! The blog has to be amazing. It should not talk about your firm’s exhibitions or private goals. Instead, it should be meaningful and interesting for readers. The blog should grab the attention of potential customers. It should produce entertaining materials at a consistent rate. Instead of quoting phrases like here are our new releases, you can write:

  • Here is what inspired our employees lately.
  • Here is how we achieved this.
  • Here is something to make your life better.

#2 Give Aways

No one can say “No” to free stuff. That is why you should give your best things away for free. Be very clear with what and why you are offering free things. In your website, you should be precisely clear with the free things. Digital media is all about spread ability. You must take advantage of this feature. Encourage people to visit your page often. That means, you should give them a valid reason to visit. Here are few things you can offer for free:

  • The first chapter of your interesting book
  • One of your best tracks
  • A stunning design template
  • An e-book with fascinating information

#3 Guest Blogs

There is no harm in borrowing your competitor’s audience. This is not unethical (though it may seem like!). With high quality guest blog posts, you can appeal end users. They will want to know more about your niche and products: blockchain write for us. However, you should have “best” work. This is your best and edgy chance to make a lasting impression. Never offer second-rate guest blogs. Be careful and stick to your best stuff. Remember that your competitors are watching you!…

Know the Difference: Simple and Complex Web Hosting Options

Different Web Host Companies

The world wide web is full of many different web host companies. Each of them have similar services, but at the same time each is different to cater to the certain needs that individuals require. A web host is a company that allows other companies and businesses to use their server to host their sites. This is a business in high demand, the more the internet seems to be expanding. Definitely the industry to be getting into. Below is one example of a web host company.


Geo Host is one of Canada’s web host companies. They provide hosting services for personal, small business, and growing business web sites. They offer Windows, Linux and Cold Fusion hosting options. Each with different aspects. Windows and Linux offer 50MB space and 50 email capacity. Windows is more expensive than linux, windows is $6.25 and Linux is $5.00. Cold Fusion hosting offers 100MB and 100 email capacity for $12 50. Each of these prices are monthly fees.

Obviously, the Cold Fusion hosting would be more appropriate for someone with a more complex web site that would need a higher quality of hosting services. This is only one example of a web host company, but enough to give you an idea as to the pricing and the services that are generally offered:

How to determine your Web Host package

You want to ensure that you register your web site with a web host package that is adequate enough to withstand your web site’s traffic and sales. For personal web sites, the web hosting package that you would choose would be the smallest, economy or the cheapest package. The medium sized package is aimed at a small businesses that are not going to expect huge amounts of traffic in the beginning and are only going to need average web host services.…

Should Web Developers Learn to Code?

Do website designers really know coding? Do they need smart unicorns? Well, the answer could be a “no”. The modern era is heading towards serious specialization. All web site designers are looking for things that can showcase their strengths and creativity. That is because the right kind of website design can bring into life many intuitive things! Above all, there are special tools to help with website development. That is why you don’t have to contact a developer.

If you want to pull edges and push boundaries, you should know where to start. There are a bunch of things you should be keen on:

What is Web Development?

Web development can be classed into two different categories. This includes back end and front end development. Web pages that are visible to users is the front end. On the other hand, back end is a collection of images, data and server components. Web development is analogous to building a strong house. The website has to be designed, constructed and decorated with the right items. Frontend development revolves around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Meanwhile, backend development focuses on Python, PHP, SQL and Ruby. A person who understands both the frontend and backend are known as full stack developers.

The Answer

What makes website designers interesting is that, you don’t have to know any of these programming languages. The ultimate goal of website designers is to understand the bond between designs and code. They should be able to translate from code to design effortlessly!

  • HTML is the first stage of coding a website. This is where the site’s basic layout is designed. HTML allows developers to include animations, images, texts and many more elements. Each element is separated into a hierarchy. This is also known as the DOM tree:
  • Website development stays incomplete without cascading style sheets. All necessary styling information is stored in CSS sheets. With separate HTML and CSS files, developers don’t have to worry about messing things.
  • JavaScript is necessary for designing interactive and dynamic websites. Most auto fill fields, carousels and contact forms depend on JavaScript. With the right mix of JavaScript, it will be difficult to create dynamic pages.

On the whole, wed development is an art! Designers don’t need to focus on coding. However, they should exert some effort and understand more about front end development. That way, they can expand their horizons and get a better grip of the industry.…

What are Your Rights: Domain Name Disputes

What are Your Rights: Domain Name Disputes

When you are up against a big company, let alone what feels like the entire Web, you as the Defendant in a domain name dispute, will probably feel extremely small and helpless. Never forget that you have rights to your domain, and there are systems in place to help you in your domain dispute. Let’s go through your options in a dispute so you can avoid having to take it to court.

What you can do to protect your rights in a Domain name dispute:

The first thing you should do in a domain dispute is look up the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy. That policy underlines your rights as the owner of the domain and the rights of the company you bought it from. Read this policy carefully, it is important for you to know what powers you have as a Plaintiff and for you to verify that you are in fact in the right. There is no point getting involved in a court dispute if you are not going to come out on top. The next step you must take is going to any of the following approved dispute-resolution service:

*Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center

*The National Arbitration Forum

*World Intellectual Property Organization

The first step to resolving a dispute is to go through one of these services. Inquire with one of these service to discover whether or not you can do anything in this dispute, and with their help or the help of a lawyer, get started defending your domain.

Reason you may be in a Domain name dispute?

More likely than not the reason you are in a dispute is because your domain name resembles the name of an organization or famous individual.…

All About Search Engine Results Pages

In this modern era, everything depends on search engine optimization and the internet. But, nothing is as essential as the search engine results pages alias SERP! Digital marketers invest lots of time and money on SERP. Both PPC advertisers and SEO specialists vie for the same piece of estate in websites! They wish to invest on prominent areas of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, competition is extremely technological and fierce. Today, all digital marketers must understand more about web design and SERP to maximize their returns.

What is SERP?

SERP are much more than web pages. These are pages given to users who are hunting for something online. For example, Google’s search results on a specific topic are SERPs. Users enter keywords as a part of their search queries, upon these terms and phrases the search engine produces SERP. Every SERP is believed to be unique. That is because search engines work with user preferences in mind. That means a user’s location, browsing interests, social status and history can determine the SERP:

The final SERP is based on experiments conducted by various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are search engines to offer a responsive and an intuitive experience to users. This means, SERPs can differ drastically from one search engine to another.

The Technical Side of SERP

SERPs can have two different types of information. Some are organic and others are paid results. By definition, organic results are web pages from search engine algorithms. SEOs focus on optimizing web designs and content. Some SERP strategies have features that generate more organic content than others. That is because searches can be very different! This includes navigational, informational and transactional searches.

  • Navigational searches are for people who want to locate specific sites through search queries.
  • Informational searches are for people who want specific information.
  • Transactional searches are also known as paid searches. These pages are likely to be displayed on SERPs.

On the other hand, paid results are displayed by paid advertisers. These results can be very small and are mostly text-based.

The Verdict

SERP and SEO are strongly interrelated. Both these strategies are required for search engine optimization. They are necessary if web sites want to be discovered by end users. Often, SEO and SERP is accomplished through several techniques. This includes on page and off page SEO. It is up to the website designer, to make his/her choices and improve traffic.…