What are Your Rights: Domain Name Disputes

What are Your Rights: Domain Name Disputes

When you are up against a big company, let alone what feels like the entire Web, you as the Defendant in a domain name dispute, will probably feel extremely small and helpless. Never forget that you have rights to your domain, and there are systems in place to help you in your domain dispute. Let’s go through your options in a dispute so you can avoid having to take it to court.

What you can do to protect your rights in a Domain name dispute:

The first thing you should do in a domain dispute is look up the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy. That policy underlines your rights as the owner of the domain and the rights of the company you bought it from. Read this policy carefully, it is important for you to know what powers you have as a Plaintiff and for you to verify that you are in fact in the right. There is no point getting involved in a court dispute if you are not going to come out on top. The next step you must take is going to any of the following approved dispute-resolution service: https://jewelry-fashion.net/noocube/

*Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center

*The National Arbitration Forum

*World Intellectual Property Organization

The first step to resolving a dispute is to go through one of these services. Inquire with one of these service to discover whether or not you can do anything in this dispute, and with their help or the help of a lawyer, get started defending your domain.

Reason you may be in a Domain name dispute?

More likely than not the reason you are in a dispute is because your domain name resembles the name of an organization or famous individual.