Web Site Design for the Freelance Writer

Why Freelance Writers Need to Design a Web Site

Why should a freelance writer design his or her own web site? For one thing, editors are only the click of a mouse away from a first-hand peek at your professionalism, creativity, and even the quality of your work. A web site is a wonderful way to promote yourself and without being one bit pushy about it. With a clean, professional-looking design, you will stand out against your competitors and provide a potential employer with a snippet about you that offers real substance.

Many jobs in today’s market are found on web sites catering to the freelance writer, demonstrating that today’s editors are internet savvy and will be impressed that you are as well. In addition, a web site is a fantastic place to highlight brief personal information, place a resume for review, or showcase those stellar articles you’ve had published previously.

If you are designing your own web site, you can mention it somewhere within the web pages, so that prospective employers will see your feel for organization and layout: https://jewelry-fashion.net/write-for-us/

Tools Freelance Writers Can Use to Design a Web Site

There are several options for building your own professional web site to promote your writing. You can use online builders, which let you construct and edit your own site, but you probably will not want to use a ‘freebie,’ due to the bandwidth and storage space limits. As well, some hosts of no-charge sites place ads on your space to pay for the space, which screams unprofessional.