Web Hosting for the Show Dog Owner

Showdogs Web Hosting Background

Do you own a web site designed around your show dog that you need to get up and running on the internet via qualified web hosting? Then check out Showdogs Web Hosting, found at http://www.showdogs.org. Showdogs Web Hosting offers a space for show dog owners’ web sites to be hosted by a hosting company run by a show dog owner. Associated with Bellcrest Web Design, Showdog Web Hosting can meet all the internet needs of the show dog or kennel owner.

For 30 years, this web hosting company’s owners have been showing and breeding Boxers, and now both design and host web sites, specializing in those created for show dog purposes. If you wish, you can purchase both your web site pages and the space provided for them on the internet from the same company; one which specializes in knowledge of the ins and outs of dog showing and breeding.

Features of Showdogs Web Hosting

Included on their web site, Showdogs Web Hosting displays a “FAQ’s” page. This very informative web page includes information for even the beginning web site owner. Definitions for terms, such as ‘web hosting’ and ‘domain name’ are given, as well as information regarding where you can purchase a domain name, since Showdogs Web Hosting does not offer this service, but will register a domain name for you upon request.

Access to your account is gained via a log-in screen to your own personal control panel. Here, you can set up email addresses or check your site statistics with an easy-to-use graphical interface. A username and password will be provided to you so that only you have access to your web hosting account. If you choose another web site design company, or are constructing your web pages yourself, you will need to transfer them to Showdogs Web Hosting with an FTP program.