Using Images in Your Website!

Website designers do a lot of things to improve customer traffic, boost organic ranks and generate more leads. They use keywords, original content and tags to boost search engine optimization. Indeed, site rankings is a much overlooked subject. There is so much insight on how and why SEO can help you! If you want your website to share a perfect message, you should stick to SEO! The good thing about SEO is that you can achieve it. You can control the look and feel of your website strategically.

How can images help you?

You can control your web pages with high quality images and videos. This is an effective and simple way to improve user experience. Meanwhile, the use of images can enhance your site’s SEO. In this short write up, you will read about how adding images can improve the productivity of your website. The use of images can be assessed with higher organic search and improved leads.

Image source

In this modern era, many people use search engines to hunt for images. It is important to use images to reach such users. The bond between organic ranks and images is inevitable. With the right kind of images, you can improve online visibility.

How to choose the right image?

Now that you have understood the benefits of images, you are bound to be determined to add pictures right? Here are few factors you should remember while adding images:

  • The image must be directly related to your website. This sounds simple and straightforward right? You must use visual content to add more value to your website. The images must offer a sense of continuity. For example, if you are selling pets, you should have pictures of dogs and cats.
  • You should include “alt” text descriptions with every image. The title tags are very useful. The tags are designed to help the visually impaired. Even search engines can crawl into alt text descriptions. These descriptions are very useful in boosting your site rankings. However, you must not tag the entire page with keywords or alt descriptions.
  • Including images in your web pages is much better than not having anything. High quality images will definitely add more value to your site.

As mentioned previously, website designs depend on what you include. With images you can improve your leads easily. Websites with images receive 90% more views. Websites with images are much more famous than those with text.