Should Web Developers Learn to Code?

Do website designers really know coding? Do they need smart unicorns? Well, the answer could be a “no”. The modern era is heading towards serious specialization. All web site designers are looking for things that can showcase their strengths and creativity. That is because the right kind of website design can bring into life many intuitive things! Above all, there are special tools to help with website development. That is why you don’t have to contact a developer.

If you want to pull edges and push boundaries, you should know where to start. There are a bunch of things you should be keen on:

What is Web Development?

Web development can be classed into two different categories. This includes back end and front end development. Web pages that are visible to users is the front end. On the other hand, back end is a collection of images, data and server components. Web development is analogous to building a strong house. The website has to be designed, constructed and decorated with the right items. Frontend development revolves around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Meanwhile, backend development focuses on Python, PHP, SQL and Ruby. A person who understands both the frontend and backend are known as full stack developers.

The Answer

What makes website designers interesting is that, you don’t have to know any of these programming languages. The ultimate goal of website designers is to understand the bond between designs and code. They should be able to translate from code to design effortlessly!

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  • HTML is the first stage of coding a website. This is where the site’s basic layout is designed. HTML allows developers to include animations, images, texts and many more elements. Each element is separated into a hierarchy. This is also known as the DOM tree:
  • Website development stays incomplete without cascading style sheets. All necessary styling information is stored in CSS sheets. With separate HTML and CSS files, developers don’t have to worry about messing things.
  • JavaScript is necessary for designing interactive and dynamic websites. Most auto fill fields, carousels and contact forms depend on JavaScript. With the right mix of JavaScript, it will be difficult to create dynamic pages.

On the whole, wed development is an art! Designers don’t need to focus on coding. However, they should exert some effort and understand more about front end development. That way, they can expand their horizons and get a better grip of the industry.