Low Cost Domain Name Registration – Just Look to Yahoo!

Finding Low Coast Domain Name Registration

Low cost domain name registration is at your fingertips. Just open your internet browser, open up a search engine and look away. However, most search engines are jumping on the bandwagon and offering domain name registration services for their customers. This adds to the allure of the search engines are much more than just for searching.

Yahoo’s Domain Name Registration

Today, we’ll focus on a simple site with a simple plan: Yahoo (www.yahoo.com). At Yahoo’s web site, they offer many different services and recently added domain name registration as one of them. During peak times, they offer domain names – with many different placers – for less than $5 a year. This includes set-up and the ability to add-on to the services in the future as well as renew the time.

Yahoo allows for a user to register a domain name and pick an extension for it. Extensions such as .com, .net, .info, .biz or .org can be secured on your web site if you are eligible for them. They offer one to five year contracts on all names at the time of sign-up, you can always add to your contract if you decide its necessary. Yahoo makes it very easy: https://insurermarket.com/genf20-plus/

Other things that make Yahoo’s service easy is that upgrading or adding to your registration is simple; they offer e-mail forwarding to your Yahoo e-mail address from the domain name and you can customize your starter page, a feature most web hosts don’t offer.

They offer 24 hour customer service for all your needs, along with handy guides to help you get started and learn their system. Overall, it’s a very painless process for registration of a domain name. Yahoo has several ways to contact their customer service and they promise a reply within 24 hours, but they will usually get back to you much sooner than that.