Know the Difference: Simple and Complex Web Hosting Options

Different Web Host Companies

The world wide web is full of many different web host companies. Each of them have similar services, but at the same time each is different to cater to the certain needs that individuals require. A web host is a company that allows other companies and businesses to use their server to host their sites. This is a business in high demand, the more the internet seems to be expanding. Definitely the industry to be getting into. Below is one example of a web host company.


Geo Host is one of Canada’s web host companies. They provide hosting services for personal, small business, and growing business web sites. They offer Windows, Linux and Cold Fusion hosting options. Each with different aspects. Windows and Linux offer 50MB space and 50 email capacity. Windows is more expensive than linux, windows is $6.25 and Linux is $5.00. Cold Fusion hosting offers 100MB and 100 email capacity for $12 50. Each of these prices are monthly fees.

Obviously, the Cold Fusion hosting would be more appropriate for someone with a more complex web site that would need a higher quality of hosting services. This is only one example of a web host company, but enough to give you an idea as to the pricing and the services that are generally offered:

How to determine your Web Host package

You want to ensure that you register your web site with a web host package that is adequate enough to withstand your web site’s traffic and sales. For personal web sites, the web hosting package that you would choose would be the smallest, economy or the cheapest package. The medium sized package is aimed at a small businesses that are not going to expect huge amounts of traffic in the beginning and are only going to need average web host services.