Blunders to Be Avoided in Web Design

Common mistakes in a web design

As a professional or beginner in web designing, one would have learnt all the tricks to create captivating and creative web sites. However, there are certain common mistakes often made even by good web designers. Studying these mistakes can avert users from linking out from a particular web page. The blunders if not corrected, will be a big blow to the designer’s reputation and business.

Complete web page

The professionals need to publish or host their web site after it is well designed and completed. “Under construction” sign on the web page will be a major turn off for the browser and must be avoided. Care should be taken to ensure that all the pages in a web portal are complete in totality. Lack of copyright statements in a web design is a sign of amateurism. The content of the web page should be protected with copyright statements. Remember to update your web contents periodically, because the web pages should dynamic in nature, ever-changing and growing:

Visitor counter in web design

Visitor counters prove to be disadvantageous in effective web designing. If the number displayed in the counter is too high, the credibility is often doubted. If the number is too low then the browser has a notion that it is not a popular site and may link out to other sites. The statistics regarding the number of users who clicked the particular site can be obtained from the web hosting company, if need be.